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Published: 19th March 2010
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The time has come, you start your course in Autumn and now you really need to find yourself some student accommodation in Coventry. Not sure what student accommodation would suit your needs? This article is aimed at providing you with some tips in advance before making a choice about the various student rooms on offer in the Coventry area.

Probably the most important factor in choosing the right student accommodation in Coventry will be money you have to spend. It can be a hard decision as do you really want to spend all your money on fancy digs which will mean less money to spend on socialising?. Also remember that rent is not the only thing you may need to fork out for. Renting a place may mean that you are alos signing up to pay for water, electricity, gas, the list goes on! Yes, deciding on student rooms in Coventry will require a lot of forward thinking.

The next major deciding factor will probably be which area of Coventry to locate. Of course you will find that there are student rooms available across Coventry. Keep in mind that if you locate yourself outside of the city that travelling time during rush hour can be a pain. Also public transport systems may not be as good as they could be. A good combination would be to perhaps locate yourself nearer your college/university in an area which also has good local amenities. You will not be surprised to hear that centrally located student accommodation in Coventry gets snapped up.

The next big question is exactly what type of student rooms in Coventry would be most appealing to you. Does sharing a house with fellow students sound like fun? Or does the convenience of halls of residence sound more appealing? Whatever choice you make remember that you need to be able to have room to get down and study. There really are quite few things to consider before even shortlisting student rooms in Coventry.

But wait. There is another option that you may not have even heard of. A company called Study Inn has turned the market on its head and brought a fresh new concept to student rooms in Coventry. This new type of student accommodation combines the security, comfort and quality of a hotel, yet keeps the vibrancy of a students hall of residence. At Study Inn can opt for different types of private studio bedrooms. For an all inclusive weekly cost students can benefit from studio suites that have private bathrooms, are fully furnished and are complete with flast screen TV and DVD player. They also have free access 24/7 to broadband Internet connection. These student rooms in Coventry also benefit from weekly cleans and fresh bed linen changes. Study Inn also provide their student guests with free student contents insurance. Utiltity bills are also included in the weekly suite rental price.

To discover some more great facts about this innovative student accommodation in Coventry why not check out Study Inn online. The website will provide you with lots of detailed information about what they offer

Richard Stevens writes articles for the Study Inn. Discover more about the new concept student rooms in Coventry and how this is fast becoming the best student accommodation in Coventry at the Study Inn website.

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